Council Resources

A Pastor’s Annual Performance Review
Local congregations have a variety of ways of assessing their pastors’ performance.  A few actually vote on re-appointing the pastor each year, thus providing a very final and annual “pass-fail” judgment on their servant-leader.  Some congregations elect or appoint a pastoral relations or personnel committee with instructions to meet with the pastor on a regular basis, reviewing the pastor’s activities and making suggestions in a variety of areas.  To learn more, click here to download the document “A Pastor’s Annual Performance Review.”

The Community Church Movement is based on a vision of Christian unity and reconciliation.  We invite all to share in this vision and to work with us in the light of God’s love.  You are challenged to invest yourself in the Vision 2020 initiative.  Click here for details.

Ministries To and With “The Least of These.”
A one-page flyer designed for use by your church or center.  Side 2 of the flyer is complete with a description of the Council.  Side 1 is yours to design.  Include photos of your ministries of outreach and caring and a description of your church or center’s compassion for those whom Jesus called “the least of these.”  Use the flyer as a worship bulletin insert, a tip-in promotional piece in your community’s newspaper, on your website, or in a community-wide or congregational mailing.  Click here for flyer.

ICCC Designated Funds Application Process
To download the application process for any ICCC Program Fund or Award Program, click here.

ICCC SUNDAY Program Cover 
To Download, click here.  Copies are also available in the Council office.  For a sample service, click here

ICCC Peer-to-Peer Resourcing
To download a survey to be completed by your church or center, click here.
  To inquire about learning from other congregations who have successfully negotiated the same kinds of ministry programs your church or center in now considering, call the Council Office 815-464-5690.

Searching for Pastoral Leadership
An indispensable aid to churches who are searching for pastoral leadership, this guide for pastoral search committees can be downloaded here.
  You can also contact the Council Office to obtain a hard copy by mail.

Renewing Our Vision
An aid for congregations to assist in developing a vision for their ministry.  You can contact the Council Office to obtain a hard copy by mail, or you can click here 
to download.

A New Community Church
A manual for church planters and other visionaries.  Click here 
to download.  To obtain a hard copy by mail, contact the Council Office.

Code of Ethics

The International Council of Community Churches recommends the following code of ethics to professional church leaders.  Click here to view/download. 

Ministry and Ordination
An ICCC resource for ordination candidates, their mentors, and their churches and centers.  Click here to view/download.  


Ecumenical Agencies and Organizations Resources

2019 Week of Prayer For Christian Unity: Jan. 18-25, 2018
Chosen Theme: Justice and only justice you shall pursue. 
(Deuteronomy 16:18-20) Several resources are available on the website  For more information contact the Week of Prayer, Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute, Franciscan Friars of the atonement via the website.  An order form for materials can be found at

The Bible
A variety of Bible-related resources for individuals and congregations is available at the American Bible Society’s website
.  The site includes downloadable worship bulletin inserts to readings from the Revised Common Lectionary.

Video clips and downloadable documents related to hunger in the U.S. and worldwide are available at Bread for the World’s website

Hunger – Facts Have Faces Series
Uprooted Peoples and Hunger in a World of Plenty, two resources from Church World Service, lift up a face of our global neighbors in need and highlight ways that the churches are seeking to respond.  Uprooted Peoples includes information about people forced to flee their homes due to war, persecution, natural disaster and famine.  There are almost 15 million refugees and 25 million internally displaced persons worldwide.  These uprooted people are of every race and religion.  Hunger in a World of Plenty examines the issue that hunger persists even though there is food enough for all.  Hunger continues to plague our world because people either do not have access to good or they cannot afford to buy the food that is available.  For more information about these resources, contact Church World Service, PO Box 968, Elkhart, IN, 46515; 800-297-1516.

For the Peace of the World
Does the USA use its awesome power to pursue peace, justice, food, shelter and safety for all?  And if not, what is the role of the US Christians in bringing moral clarity to the US interactions with its global neighbors? Peace of the World:A Christian Curriculum on International Relations was released by the NCC and examines this issue with in-depth essays and Bible studies and includes prayers, litanies and other worship resources for use in congregational settings.  To order, call 800-889-5733.

Economic Development
Information about micro-finance and individual economic empowerment is available at Opportunity International’s website
For information about Work of Women (WOW!) and other partnerships that promote self-reliance, see World Neighbors’ website
Bulletin Inserts
Log on to for a series of free downloadable bulletin inserts.  Inserts currently being offered feature an interfaith responsible reading on poverty, information on the African American hymn, “Life Every Voice and Sing,” a litany on education and schools, and other topics useful throughout the year.

Signs of Hope, Step for Change Note Cards  Set of 12 blank cards (5″x7″) with envelopes feature four colorful designs from winning entries to an international AIDS poster competition sponsored by CWS and the Geneva-based Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance.  Proceeds support CWS AIDS-related programs. ($5.00 + $3.00 shipping)  To order, please pre-pay: Church World Service, P.O. Box 968 Elkhart, IN 46515or call 800-297-1516.

Ohio Council of Churches


Endorsed Institutions Resources

Interfaith FACTs: Meet our Neighbors
A new booklet from Faith Communities Today helps participants in interfaith and interreligious conversations discuss their own and their neighbors’ religious convictions and practices. Presented in an attractive, accessible way. Available from the Hartford Institute for Religion Research at Hartford Seminary. Call 1-800-509-9543 or email or visit for more information. 

Individuals and For-Profit Organizations Resources
The following resources have been recommended to us by ordained and/or lay leaders of member churches or centers as useful for a wide audience.  The ICCC does not endorse or recommend any resource from an individual or for-profit organization.

Old Catholic Tradition
Serge A. Theriault, Christian Catholic Rite of Community Churches – A Canadian ICCC member, has written a few books available through  Titles include: Msgr. Rene Vilatte: Community Organizer of Religion (1854-1929), Msgr. Dominique M. Varlet: Originator of the Old Catholic Episcopal Succession 1678-1742, and The Old Catholic Church and Other Writings.  Bishops R. Vilatte and C. Durand are Theriault’s predecessors, and Bishop Varlet is at the origin of the Orders in many of the churches of the Old Catholic tradition in ICCC.  Visit 
to order. 

Christian Books
Rev. Elreta Dodds, Associate Minister of Faith Christian Community Church, an ICCC member, is the author and publisher of several books that defend the Faith and books that deal with relationship issues.  Visit
to find out more.  

Pastoral Visitor Bulletin for Shut-Ins
This bulletin, published for more than 30 years, is a tool for people visiting shut-ins in nursing homes, hospitals and at home. It includes four pages of prayers, biblical and literary selections, amusing stories and uplifting passages. Contact Mary Downey, 3371 Nadine Crest, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5A 3L4 

Women at the Well, Vol. 2: Meditations for Quenching Our Thirst

A collection of 250 meditations that “comfort and challenge in the same breath.” Written by women from diverse backgrounds, this follow-up to the first bestseller volume offers spiritual nourishment for all readers. Order from or call 1-800-4-Judson.

Godly Play
A new four volume series uses an imaginative method for presenting scripture stories to children from preschool age through 6th grade. “The Complete Guide to Godly Play,” by Jerome W. Berryman, uses the careful telling of Scripture stories, engaging story figures and creative activities to help children seek and find their own answers to their faith questions. The series respects the innate spirituality of children and encourages them to use their curiosity and imagination to experience the mystery and joy of God. Berryman is the director of the Center for the Theology of Childhood, a non-denominational organization that sponsors research training and programs. To order, call Living the Good News at 1-800-824-1813. 

Emerging Voices From Iraq
Iraq: Emerging Voices shares the stories of ordinary Iraqi people, who are finding their voices and expressing what they have experienced over the past 30 years as well as their hopes for the future. For 9th grade and above and adults this book provides a way to explore why it is important to share our views and personal stories across cultures, nations, and religions. Also available for grades K to 8th grade is the Child’s View: Iraq/Noor Lives Near Nineveh, the 12th video in the “Child’s View” Series. For more information, contact the Mennonite Central Committee and MCC U.S. 21 South 12th Street, P.O. Box 500, Akron, PA., 17501-0500; 717 859-1151 or 888-563-4676 or visit 

Sacred Stories About Spiritual Formation and Growth
In video or DVD format, three noted writers recreate stories of their own lives, telling of their personal triumphs and tragedies. Through their storytelling, Maya Angelou, James Carroll and Frederick Buechner invite viewers to discover the presence of god, the power of memory to heal, the value of telling secrets and the possibilities of changing the future by forgiving the past. To order, call 1-888-901-1776, $24.95.  You can also visit 

The Great Courses
The Great Courses offers America’s top university lecture stars recorded on audiotape, videotape, audio CD, and DVD.” Courses offered run the gamut from religion to science and are taught by professors from top U.S. universities and colleges, including Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley, Tulane University, Notre Dame, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. To receive a free copy of the catalog, call toll-free 1-800-646-3128. 

Sermon Helps
Excellent sermon preparation resources are available online at The site includes a discussion board, seasonal humor, and of course exegetical resources.  Also try for a full range of exegetical and liturgical resources.

The following books can be purchased through Friendship Press, 7820 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45237.  Phone 800-889-5733 Fax: 513-761-3722; email An online Friendship Press catalog is located at
Uprooted! is the compelling, unsettling story of the plight of many millions of uprooted people worldwide.  They are the refugees, the outcasts forced to flee from war, persecution, famine, or economic exploitation.
Swallows Nest This worship and devotional resource features new translations and adaptations of the Psalms, offering comfort, peace and vitality through daily devotional exercises.
Lodu’s Escape Lodu is one of several African children in this book who show courage in the face of challenge.  Stories for Children (Grades 1-6).