An End to Racism?
Rev. Don Ashmall
            In November the General Board of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA (NCC) committed to an unprecedented action and process. The thirty-eight communions of the NCC will, individually and collectively, engage in a “truth and reconciliation” effort. The goal is to seek an end to racism in the USA. The effort has precedent in the truth and reconciliation process in South Africa, but will require additional effort and dedication since the history and position of Christian communions in the USA is so deeply intertwined in and with the “powers and principalities” that affect life so deeply in the nation.
            This new action and process will be launched in an event on the National Mall in Washington DC on Wednesday, April 4, 2018. That date is the fiftieth anniversary of the death of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The NCC General Board has challenged each of the thirty-eight member communions to enlist a minimum of 500 people to be present on the Mall that day.
The previous evening, April 3, an ecumenical worship in the District of Columbia will prepare attendees for the launch event. Other groups both secular and faith-based are being asked to endorse the truth-telling process, and to participate in the launch event as well as follow-through actions. The General Board has committed $300,000 to the action and process and has directed NCC staff to seek additional funding from foundations and other sources.
The ICCC became a member of the NCC in 1957, after participating informally since shortly after both were formed in 1950. Ever since then our representatives on the General Board and in other bodies within the NCC have been tireless in our witness for justice and reconciliation as well as Christian unity. When the NCC General Board took on this historic commitment, I was overjoyed and so very grateful that I could represent you as the NCC board voted unanimously to move forward. Our Board of Directors and Board of Trustees have both endorsed the NCC action and are urging all within our fellowship to support and participate as we are able.
The launch event will require a great deal of work. Happily, NCC staff are already working with consultants who have organized other large events on the Mall. The broad outlines are already emerging, with nineteen committees needing to be staffed by volunteers. Some volunteer work can be done at a distance, but much of the burden will of necessity fall on congregations within 100 miles of the National Mall. Thank you in advance to the ICCC folk who will take the lead!
            The biggest challenge will begin after the launch event. The process will not be easy. Customary processes and long-held assumptions will be revealed to be inadequate and morally deficient, and will need to be changed. Change is always threatening, and when privilege is challenged, the threat is all the greater. Yet if justice is to be served and reconciliation achieved, change will be required. Beginning now, please pray that the ICCC can and will, both within the NCC and beyond it, take our customary place as a change agent and as a leader in Christian work and witness.

Will you be there for the launch? Will your congregation, area or region arrange for one or more buses to take you and others to DC April 3 and 4? Will you be willing to serve on one of the nineteen launch committees? Please contact Council House as your plans advance so that we can share the word with the entire fellowship.
cuic-logoChurches Uniting in Christ, a gathering of 11 communions in a covenantal relationship, affirm and support the dignity of all people and to the care for the gift of the earth that God has entrusted to us.  It is, for this reason, we join with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, and the dozens of tribes standing in support of their efforts to protect their sovereignty, water, culture, a way of life, and their sacred sites.

To view the entire statement, recently signed by Abraham Wright, ICCC Secretary and other ICCC officers, click here.
“I hope we can all reach out to member communions in Greenville, MS and offer our prayers, our resources and our buildings, if necessary.” – Vince Gonzalez, CUIC
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