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The International Council of Community Churches is moving forward!  In the history-making 2015 Annual Conference, delegates from our member congregations approved three on-going outreach missions that will form the core of our fellowship’s work and witness into the future:
Agape – learning and practicing reconciliation in face to face encounters;
Building Community – sharing success in making “community” more than a word;
Hunger Relief – cooperating in ministry to feed the hungry.
The energy, creativity and application will come from within the community church movement as we show the world what it means to answer Jesus’ prayer “that they might all be one.”
We invite you and your congregation to take a vital part in each of these outreach missions.  Together we’ll be seeking God’s will as we share “best practices,” develop new strategies and seek new partnerships as we reach out to the world God loves so much.
Will you personally become a member of one of these outreach mission teams?  We need to hear from you.  In addition to your contact information, please send a brief description of your experience and/or expertise in your chosen area of outreach mission to iccc60423@sbcglobal.net.  Will you enlist others so that your congregation is represented on all three teams?  The first task of each team member will be to share enthusiasm for the outreach mission with others?
For more information, click on the individual mission above.  There you will see a wider explanation of the mission’s goals and the contact information its leader.

Thank you for your support and the support of your congregation for the growing ministries of the International Council of Community Churches: support by prayer, by involvement and by material gifts.  



ICCC Churches in Action

The 2017 Norris Area Good Neighbors Christmas Food Basket and Children’s Toys Project
Norris Religious Fellowship, Norris, TN.  Rev. Karen Neely, Senior Pastor

No one is quite sure how long Good Neighbors has been doing Christmas food baskets; we do know that Good Neighbors has been helping families in the Norris area in various ways for over 80 years.  The 2017 Good Neighbors Christmas Food Basket and Toys Project is a great story about the community working together to accomplish something important, needed, and worthwhile. 


Good Neighbors provided food boxes to 111 families comprised of about 240 individuals (plus vouchers to ten seniors to choose their own food).  Angel Tree gifts, coordinated by St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, were given to around 89 children from 38 families.

The success of this year’s project is due to the generosity of the churches, clubs, and individuals who donated funds and Angel Tree gifts; the area schools; and the many individuals from throughout the community who provided labor. A lot of labor is involved.

Again this year, the five area schools participated in several inspiring ways that taught good citizenship, helping others, and working together.  The food drive involved the four schools of Andersonville Elementary, Fairview Elementary, Norris Elementary, and Norris Middle, which together collected around 123 milk crates-full of mostly canned goods.  Half of these donations went toward filling the food baskets and the other half went to the Norris Food Pantry and the Community Action Commission of Anderson County for use in their food distribution programs. 

Special recognition goes to the twenty-seven Seventh Grade students from Mrs. Horak’s 1st Block Class from Norris Middle School who ably and enthusiastically helped fill the baskets. A big thanks to a delegation from Anderson County High School for doing the heavy work of delivering the baskets and surplus donations. And, appreciation is due to the Community Ecumenical Youth Group who helped with sorting and filling.


Besides donated food, the food baskets also contained items like pasta and peanut butter, purchased from the Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee; and staples like flour and sugar, produce, and a ham purchased from Archers Food Center.  Also, some toys and clothing had to be purchased to supplement the Angel Tree donations so-as-to round out each child’s Christmas “wish list.”

The Good Neighbors team gives a heartfelt and most sincere thanks to our financial contributors and to the many persons from throughout the community who helped in one way or another.  You should feel great about your part in making this past Christmas a special time for families in need.

Best wishes for a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2018, from your friends at the Norris Area Good Neighbors

Bob Gregory, Coordinator.


Good Neighbors is a joint ministry of the Norris Religious Fellowship and area churches, including the Angel Tree gifts coordinated by St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.  Tax deductible donations may be sent to Good Neighbors, c/o NRF, PO Box 267, Norris TN 37828.  For information, call the church office at 865-494-7131.  Sign-up for 2018 food baskets and toys is scheduled for Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 9 to noon, at the Fellowship Church.

Antioch Community Church in Kansas City, MO is blessed with people who not only care for but help those in need.
Their budget this last year was $16,500.   $9600 was allocated to the 34 different organizations both in Kansas City and around the world, such as: Alzheimer’s Assn., American Bible Society, American Leprosy Mission, Angel Flight Central, Camp Courage, Farmer’s House, Collaboration Works, Pin Oaks/Jacobs Center (back snacks) Clay County Clothes Closet, Habitat for Humanity, Heart to Heart, Immacolata Manor (Life Unlimited), ICCC Conference, Northland Assistance Center, Northland Christmas Store, Parkville Women’s Clinic, Pioneers (Janet Rowland in Thailand), Project Warmth, Urban Promise, UMCOR (fresh water for Haiti), and Vellore Christian Medical College.

Non-budgeted monies sent in 2017 were to ICCC Conference $6,000 for July of 2018, $5,000 to Ruth Applewhite for One Great Hour of Sharing, $2,000 for the Hurricane Relief to Heart to Heart, 7 van loads of supplies to UpLift, 20 New Coats to the Clothes closet, 20 new Baby Outfits and $200 in Change (baby bottles) to Parkville Women’s Clinic, 450 food items to MLM, $610 to Edison School (Amanda Sage).

This last year the church awarded 18 scholarships to college students in the amount of $8700. These scholarships are awarded each year in December to college students that have completed one semester of college.

During 2017, Antioch provided 276 Back Snacks to the Jacobs Center that included 2 complete meals each. In November 10 Antioch volunteers took applications 3 days for the Northland Christmas Store. In December for 4 days, they had 12 people who helped set up the Christmas Store and worked in it each day. The Store served 650 Families under the poverty line in Clay County.

The Pastors Fund is not a designated budgeted fund but one that the congregation gives generously to all year long. It is depleted several times a year as they help families with utilities, rent, gas cards, bus tickets and food. In that fund this last year, we took in and spent $13,211.