Council membership by any church is entirely voluntary.  Each individual congregation makes this decision based on its acceptance of the Council’s constitution and its willingness to enter into the covenant with the Council and every other congregation affiliated with the Council.  
Financial support for the Council is received by contributions from member churches and individual donors.  An annual contribution of at least $1,000.00 U.S. dollars is required to become a member.  
With your membership, the Council offers…
  • Belonging to a warm fellowship of the beloved community, the body of Christ;
  • An exciting annual conference with bible study, a diversity of worship and music, workshops, hands on mission and fellowship;
  • Regional fellowship in clusters of member churches and centers;                                                      
  • Access to pension and benefits for church staff, clergy and lay;
  • Assistance in search processes for churches and clergy;
  • Continuing education for clergy and laity;
  • Confidential counseling for clergy;
  • Consultation for churches in times of challenge and change;
  • Ecclesiastical endorsement of chaplains and others in ministry;
  • A newspaper, The Christian Community, published eight times a year; The Inclusive Pulpit, an annual publication; books from the Community Church Press; and other printed audio/visual materials;
  • Association with the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA, the World Council of Churches, Churches Uniting in Christ and Christian Churches Together;
  • Scholarship aid through the Jordan Scholarship for Council persons see
    king post-high school education;
  • Help in establishing, recruiting, and assimilating new Council-related churches and centers;
  • Opportunities for churches to share their gifts, material and spiritual, with those less advantaged, and to strengthen the cause of Christ;
  • A claim upon the unity that God has already given us in Christ and a participation in the reconciling work of the gospel;
  • One complimentary Annual Conference registration for a delegate from your church/center for the upcoming Annual Conference.