Rev. Phil Tom
Executive Director
Mrs. DeAnn Anzaldi
Office Administrator

2017 – 2018 Board of Directors
President:   Rev. Dr. William H. Samuels 

Treasurer:  Mr. Nicholas Brame
Secretary:  Mr. Abraham Wright

VP for Planning:  Rev. Harry Foockle
VP for Financial Development:  Ms. Roberta Smith
VP for Membership Enlistment:  Rev. Carter S.R. Garner
VP for Membership Services:  Mr. Wayne Samuels
VP for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations:  Rev. Herman Harmelink, III
VP for Leadership Development: Rev. Stephen York
VP for Informational Services and Outreach: Rev. Dr. Michael Donahue
Auxiliary Representatives:  Ms. Carolyn Nichols
                                                     Rev. Charles Clark
                                                     Mr. Wayne Samuels

2017 – 2018 Board of Trustees

President:   Rev. Dr. William H. Samuels
VP for Membership Enlistment:  Rev. Carter S.R. Garner
VP for Membership Services:  Mr. Wayne Samuels

Secretary:  Mr. Abraham Wright
International Trustee: TBD. Every nation with at least seven active member bodies is entitled to elect a voting member to the Board of Trustees.
U.S. Regional Trustees: 
                          Class of 2019:   Mr. Charles Addison, Mrs. Myrtis Brame, 
                                                     Ms. Janet Burch, Rev. Glenn Clay,
                                                     Rev. Sharyon Cosey, Rev. Kenneth Young
                           Class of 2020:   Mrs. Doris Marcisak
                           Class of 2022:   Rev. Bruce Jones