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The Charles A. Trentham Homiletics Award is an annual award given for the best sermon reflecting the spirit and values of the Community Church Movement submitted each year for publication in the Inclusive Pulpit Journal.  It is conferred at the Annual Conference of the International Council of Community Churches.  The deadline for submission of manuscripts for the year 2019 issue of the Journal is April 30, 2019.  Selection of the recipient of this award will be made by the Community Church Press Editorial Board and the Inclusive Pulpit editor(s).  A $250 stipend accompanies this award.  For further information or to submit manuscripts for publication, please contact the Council Office ICCCNOW@sbcglobal.net.  
Editorial Board Moderator Tim Meadows, Robert Puckett,  Larry & Carolyn Dipboye, Cindy Conolly, Herb Freitag    2011 cover
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2020 Homiletics Award Winner:  The Sound of Silence  by Rev. Robert Fread   

2019 winner, Rev. Rhonda Blevins
When Pigs Fly
2018 winner, Rev. Karen Neely
2017 winner, Rev. Ella B. Clay

2016 winner, Rev. Joseph D. Sellepack  Words Fail, Love Wins

2015 winner.Rev. Dr. William F. Schnell  We Believe.  In You.          

2014 winner, Rev. Herbert F. Freitag  Jesus Might Be The Answer…But What Is The Question?                                                          

2013 winner, Rev. R. Tim Meadows  True Worship             

2012 winner, Rev. Rhonda Blevins  What Are You Doing Here?                           

2011 winner, Rev. Fran Salone-Pelletier  Devoted to Community                    



2010 winner, Rev. Martin C. Singley III  Skeletons in the Closet                                

2009 winner, Elder Harry F. Foockle    Obama, the ICCC and Me                             

2008 winner, Rev. William F. Schnell          One Church                                                      

2007 winner, Rev. Dr. Robert Puckett            To Be A Man                                                     

2006 winner, Rev. Dr. Keith R. Haverkamp

How Big Is Your Table?                                  

2005 winner, Rev. Paul Drake                    Unity in Diversity                                         

2004 winner, Rev. Dr. Jeffrey R. Newhall Receiving Into Our Heart                             

2003 winner, Rev. Dr. C. George Fry                God is Good-Always                                     

2002 winner, Rev. Dr. C. David Matthews Tragedy and God’s Will                                 

2001 winner, Rev. Robert A. Fread                   One Baptism                                                   

2000 winner, Rev. David H. Blanchett              A Single Point of Difference   

1999 winner, Rev. Herbert Freitag                    Children of the Same God                             

1998 winner, Rev. Martin C. Singley, III        Living in an Open Circle                               

1997 winner, Rev. Virginia Leopold The Never Ending Journey