The ICCC in partnership with MMBB (The Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board) offers investment and retirement and insurance benefits to churches, faith-based institutions and their staff. MMBB gives you peace of mind and the financial security you deserve. MMBB represents over 4500 churches and 17000 members. MMBB shares our faith but their calling is financial service.

MMBB’s plans include Benefits For Life, Tax-Deferred Annuity and The Annuity Supplement Plan. These plans are all tax-deferred, offer lifetime retirement income and the opportunity to invest in a range of investment options. With a 100-year track record and backed by the expertise of a professional investment committee and fund managers, MMBB has a sound investment strategy. MMBB sponsors senior medical insurance for those in active ministry. MMBB’s plans help churches and faith-based institutions attract and keep valued clergy and lay staff members. MMBB’s retirement, health, death and disability benefits also protect churches in the event of a catastrophic illness or death to your minister and other staff members.

MMBB supports churches and faith-based institutions by providing resources on clergy compensation, pastoral budgeting, church taxes, clergy taxes and benefits.

To learn how MMBB investment, retirement and insurance plans can benefit you, call us at 800.986.6222, email us at or visit our website at                             

Rev. Dr. Perry J. Hopper is our Relationship Manager.  You may have met him at the 2013 Annual Conferences.  Rev. Hopper will be happy to answer your questions about the benefits and  help you enroll yourself or your employees.  You can call him direct at 800-986-6222 or email