The following ICCC congregations continue to engage in their search process for a new pastor:
– Longboat Island Chapel, Longboat Key, FL is seeking a Senior Pastor.
– People’s Community Church, Detroit, MI is seeking a Senior Minister.
– Norris Religious Fellowship, Norris, TN is seeking a Senior Pastor.
– The Church at Litchfield Park, AZ is seeking an Associate Pastor.
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The Bureau of Prisons Chaplaincy has vacancies.  Visit for a listing.

Seeking a Pastor

Norris Religious Fellowship in Norris, TN is seeking a full time pastor.  We are a suburban church located in East Tennessee.  We are an interdenominational church and a member of the International Council of Community Churches (ICCC), that not only accepts and tolerates differences but encourages diverse groups of people to come together. Our minister must be ordained as a graduate from an accredited divinity school, have ministerial experience, and must be comfortable with a moderate-to-liberal theology.  We seek an open-minded, non-judgmental spiritual leader, counselor and guide, with strong moral and religious commitments, demonstrated leadership skills, an ability to inspire and teach through engaging and relevant sermons, and a passion for counselling the ill and grieving.  


Our pastor will be responsible for weekly worship services, providing pastoral care, and counseling for the congregation.  Also, the pastor will have a leadership role in increasing and revitalizing both our membership and our religious education programs.   Our pastor will be responsible for managing the staff of the church. For consideration, applicants must be willing to relocate to Norris, TN.

Interested candidates should email to request a pastoral search profile for more information and an application.



TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:       Full Time Salaried   ~    Benefits – See Human Resources Policies Manual

JOB GOALS: To serve The Church at Litchfield Park in the total worship life of the congregation while demonstrating a Christ-like spirit, an attitude of cooperation, dependability and rapport with all members and staff.


  • Div. or equivalent from an accredited theological institution
  • Ordained in a recognized Christian denomination
  • Possess a genuine Christian faith
  • Be open and willing to minister to all people without discrimination
  • Possess an ability to work well in a multi-denominational/trans-generational Christian setting
  • A demonstrated ability to council and minister to those in need of spiritual support
  • Exceptional organizational written and oral communication skills 


  • Provide pastoral care for the congregation, as well as the church community
    • Includes hospital, rehab, and home visits; counseling; weddings; and funerals as needed
  • Demonstrate Christ-like concern for each staff member
  • Preach 6-12 times in worship throughout the year or when called to do so
  • Oversee and provide support for our support ministry taskforce
    • Caregiver’s, Chronic Illness, Grief & Recovery Support Groups
    • Communion visitations in cooperation with Deacons
    • Spiritual gift discovery and implementation process
  • Oversee and provide support for our Life Group (small group) ministries taskforce
  • Oversee and provide support for our Fellowship ministries taskforce
    • Women’s, men’s & all-church
  • Oversee and provide support for our Missions taskforce
  • Participate in monthly Deacons, Council on Ministries (requires submitting a monthly report of activities) and Board of Directors’ meetings
  • Participate in weekly worship services, staff and pastors’ meetings
  • Perform other duties as directed by the Senior Pastor and/or Board of Directors 


WORKS COOPERATIVELY WITH:       Senior Pastor, Office Staff, Maintenance Staff, Board of Directors, Council on Ministries & Taskforces 

EVALUATION:  Prepared annually by the Senior Pastor

Seeking Senior Pastor

The Senior Minister shall be the spiritual leader of the Longboat Island Chapel, a Christian-based community church that welcomes people of all walks of life and faiths, and shall be responsible for preaching sermons and teaching the word of God in an inspiring  and uplifting manner, administering the sacraments, leading the congregation in prayer and engaging in pastoral care ministries.

The Senior Minister shall be responsible for the overall spiritual care and counsel of the members of the Chapel including the development and administration of programs, involving the congregation in such ministries. He/she shall provide oversight of all areas of church life. He/she shall support and energize the outreach ministries of the Chapel and develop meaningful connections with key leaders in the local community. He/she shall oversee and encourage Chapel growth and the welcoming and integration of newcomers to the church.

The Senior Pastor shall be the visionary leader of the Chapel who, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, embraces, oversees and coordinates the development and implementation of the Chapel’s vision, mission core values and strategic plan. The Minister shall supervise, lead and evaluate Chapel staff and recommend personnel actions to the Board of Trustees. Additional duties and responsibilities of the Senior Minister may be set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and By Laws and may include additional and specific duties as agreed upon on an annual basis by the Senior Minister and the Board of Trustees.


  1. Advanced degree from a recognized seminary.
  2. Ordination in the International Council of Community Churches or other denominational body.
  3. Minimum five years parish experience or ecumenical ministry experience in a multiple staff setting.
  4. Ability to supervise and coordinate staff activities with a commitment to collegial staff relationships.
  5. Strong written and verbal communication skills, including effective preaching and teaching skills.
  6. Commitment to the Chapel’s ecumenical philosophy.
  7. Must have the ability to translate scriptures of the Bible to contemporary life and to teach people of all faiths.
  8. A strong commitment to personal and professional growth.
  9. The ability to motivate, enlist, and resource laypersons for ministry.
  10. The ability to conceptualize, plan, and administer or delegate administration of ongoing Chapel programs.
  11. Experience in oversight of outreach and benevolence programming both locally and beyond.
  12. Strong counseling and interpersonal skills especially related to crisis intervention and conflict resolution.
  13. Possess excellent organizational and supervisory skills.
  14. Exhibit an open-minded and progressive demeanor.
  15. Ability to oversee counseling and pastoral care in partnership with the Pastoral Care Coordinator.
  16. Experience and leadership skills to oversee membership growth programs.


  1. Provide inspiring, effective, and thought-provoking sermons. Lead worship that provides a meaningful experience of God in a traditional style, while using contemporary language, and relevant situations to deal with the many life issues of our congregation.
  2. Demonstrate a strong commitment for membership and stewardship growth. Lead and assist the congregation, the Board of Trustees and all committees to actively engage in Chapel growth and efforts.
  3. Serve as overall manager of the staff and facilitate the staff in the completion of their assignments. Convene, coordinate, and encourage Chapel staff and adjudicate possible conflicts.
  4. Guide and direct the Pastoral Care Assistant for the provision of high-quality pastoral care to every member of the Chapel as needed to deal with personal problems, including death and dying. Serve as a resource to the Pastoral Care Assistant.
  5. Offer support and guidance to the Board and committees for long-range planning and goal setting.
  6. Provide an educational ministry to the Chapel and work with the Music, Worship, Education and Pastoral Care Committee in program planning and curriculum selection.
  7. Coordinate and partner with the music director to provide effective and appropriate musical programming for Chapel services and events.
  8. Lead the Chapel in development and implementation of faith-based education for members, non-members and the community. Support development of and provide guidance for prayer groups and Bible study groups.
  9. Communicate the Chapel’s mission and activities to members of local communities by actively participating in civic associations and activities.
  10. Be available to officiate at weddings, baptisms and funerals for both members and non-members.
  11. Provide pre-marriage counseling to members and those who wish to be married at the Chapel.

Please send your resume to Barbara Koetsier, Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive., Longboat Key, FL  34228. Or email to  
Seeking Senior Pastor
The Historic People’s Community Church (PCC) fosters a tradition of being a Singing, Praying, Tithing, Teaching, Serving and Loving Church, and is guided by one of its golden text ‘I am come that they might have life and that they may have it abundantly.’ – John 10:10
This Historic Church, a member of the International Council of Community Churches (ICCC) and located in the vibrant city of Detroit, Michigan is currently seeking an experienced Senior Minister to be the Spiritual Leader of its Congregation.  The Senior Minister is responsible for leading and moving the Congregation toward the fulfillment of God’s mission for PCC.  The Senior Minister will have an unwavering faith and a firm relationship with Jesus Christ and is dedicated to cultivating others in Christ.
The Senior Minister has accountability to the Congregation and to the governing boards (Board of Stewards and Board of Trustees).  The Senior Minister’s primary responsibility is to conduct the religious services of the Church and to perform all duties pertaining to his/her office.  The Senior Minister shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer and Spiritual Leader of the Church, and in cooperation with the governing boards, coordinate and administer the various Church ministries.   The Senior Minister is also responsible for leading, developing, and inspiring staff and volunteers in achieving high levels of performance and service to the Church and surrounding community.  Required to regularly visit members who are sick and shut-in or in institutions of care.  Also, responsible for conducting weekly Bible study classes that aid individuals in developing a better understanding of God’s word, which helps to foster a more meaningful and deeper commitment to the Church and service to others.  The Senior Minister is expected to maintain office hours that support the needs of the Church and Congregation.
  • He/She must be a graduate of a University and a graduate of a Theological Seminary with a divinity degree or its equivalent.
  • Must have actively pastored at least three (3) years over a Congregation that is recognized by the National Council of Churches.
  • Must have demonstrated preaching, pastoral, and Church administration experience.


  • Passionately embodies God’s word and exemplifies the gospel in his/her daily life; consistently demonstrating moral character and decision making internal and external to the Church.
  • Does not engage in any activity or behavior that creates or potentially creates a conflict of interest for the Church or in any way harms the reputation of the Church.
  • Excellent listener who enables members to increase their participation within the Church.   


  • Highly developed communication skills, including the ability to clearly outline and articulate the Vision, Mission, and Strategies that continually develops and advances the Church.
  • Must have excellent partnering and resolution skills, which fosters an environment that encourages member support of diverse opinions and ideas that enhance the Church’s mission; ability to effectively manage change and growth.
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills and integrity in providing confidential counseling to members and others; sensitive and compassionate to the needs of others.
Please forward your resume to:
The Historic People’s Community Church
8601 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Michigan 48202
Attn: Paul Williams, Jr., Board of Stewards
or to:
Church email address
or contact the Church office (313) 871-4676
Note: The job description is not an all-inclusive list of duties and responsibilities, character and qualities, and desired skills. Compensation is commensurate with education and experience. This position will require a background check and drug screen for a candidate who receives a contingent offer.